Saturday, 27 December 2008


Ok it is the bizzarest place iv ever been! Where old men read comics and all men cant drink more than 2 pints with out being wasted. Where meat is cheap and veg is well expensive! convenience stores are really convenient :) (they are on most streets and open 24 hours) and if u cant bothered to walk to one you can just go to the vending machines that are always full and everywhere!
Any this blog is for animation so this is what i should really talk about!
Animation in japan is huge i mean MASSIVE!!!! Unlike here animation is a huge part of the japanese culture even more so than i ever anticipated! channel flicking there always seems to be some form of animation on. But i must say it is slightly, meh. It's very cleverly made. There's lots of keeping figures still and moving mouths with i personally find really irritating but in japan animation for tv isn't about quality as much as it is about cost and speed of production! The volume that is made is pretty incredible!

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