Saturday, 27 December 2008


Ok it is the bizzarest place iv ever been! Where old men read comics and all men cant drink more than 2 pints with out being wasted. Where meat is cheap and veg is well expensive! convenience stores are really convenient :) (they are on most streets and open 24 hours) and if u cant bothered to walk to one you can just go to the vending machines that are always full and everywhere!
Any this blog is for animation so this is what i should really talk about!
Animation in japan is huge i mean MASSIVE!!!! Unlike here animation is a huge part of the japanese culture even more so than i ever anticipated! channel flicking there always seems to be some form of animation on. But i must say it is slightly, meh. It's very cleverly made. There's lots of keeping figures still and moving mouths with i personally find really irritating but in japan animation for tv isn't about quality as much as it is about cost and speed of production! The volume that is made is pretty incredible!

Friday, 12 December 2008

kicking myself!

I've just got my accessed walk cycle results back and i am kicking myself hard, in the head. I got 65% which is good but i know i could of done so much better! i put alot alot of hard work in to my 2d animation and practically none what so ever in to the 3d. I wanted to get better at 2d so i spent ages doing it and perfecting and made a piece of work im really proud of. But then went and bodged up my mark for it because id lost the energy to do the 3d! So in future i am going to not have the attitude of it dosen't matter it's only 1st year! I going to aim to get top marks through out! 
over and out.

P.s. everyone go watch some Daria on youtube :) (u remember that mtv cartoon series from the late 90's)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

WOOOH every1 watch this!!!
its called rabbit and it's oh so very good!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Already a third of the way through the 1st year :O wooooooh thats a little scary! Four post! eeek i should really write my blog a little more often! Ok so what to talk about......
Well this was the week of our first accessed work!
The pressintaion..... I got so into the research!!! Even though sarah told me just to look asthetics a little. i found it so interesting learning about something i didn't have a clue about! I could honestly feel my brain growing!!! focusing on the sublime and trying to work out ways to understanding was such a challenge for me. I've just been doing art subjects since gcse. So doing this has really helped me feel alot smarter. I plan to carry on challenging my self in this way! I started reading a book!!! :O i havn't read a book in about 5 years even then i think it was just the 1st harry potter! So i bought a book, "the amazing adventure of kavalier and clay" it's the book alot of my favorite graphic novel writers love. And as i think id quite like to write graphic novels and storys for animation im sure it can't hurt! Anyway 68% whooop whooo :) thanks sarah no way i would of challenged myself so much with out you! AND thank you Kant! Some things he said were abit silly but on the whole he wasn't a bad chap.

Monday, 17 November 2008


I must say I don't care for Bradford too much. But the Animation festival was great! I feel iv come away from it learning alot! 
I was really happy to find some advertising companies make there own films nothing to do with adverts! To try and push animation and also as a kinda of portfolio to other companies. This excites me as i would like to try new ways of animating, experiment with ideas. But i don't want to be earning no money so working for one of these companies would be perfect.
I particularly loved the animation "Skhizein" it was amazing!!!!!! The story was so qurky! A man who is 91cm from himself. It's a great way to talk about mental issues. How it was made was just beautiful! I mean it blew me away! The seamless combination of cgi, photoraphy and film! ( If you havnt't seen it, u must  watch it!

useful links: (the lady that did peter and the wolf) (very worth watching)

Friday, 17 October 2008

First week and watching "Coonskin" was great I really enjoyed it and felt like a I related to Ralph Bakshi I grew up in a similar area, ok I say similar. It wasn't quite as rough but it was certainly a ghetto, filled with different cultures and ways of life. I find it interesting watching how people from different cultures act and react in similar situations. I would be interested in writing about the Punjabi community of Handsworth.  

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Week one

Where to start?
I am loving this course! Learning the ins and outs of animation! I can't wait to start making animations of my own.

Any who.....

What we've been doing over the past week and a bit is learning one or two (infact to be precise three) of the Animation principles. Timing, stetch and squash and anticipation. Stretch and squash and anticipation make total sense to me. They also make my brain work. But timing is something that I think I'm just going to have to get use to.