Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Already a third of the way through the 1st year :O wooooooh thats a little scary! Four post! eeek i should really write my blog a little more often! Ok so what to talk about......
Well this was the week of our first accessed work!
The pressintaion..... I got so into the research!!! Even though sarah told me just to look asthetics a little. i found it so interesting learning about something i didn't have a clue about! I could honestly feel my brain growing!!! focusing on the sublime and trying to work out ways to understanding was such a challenge for me. I've just been doing art subjects since gcse. So doing this has really helped me feel alot smarter. I plan to carry on challenging my self in this way! I started reading a book!!! :O i havn't read a book in about 5 years even then i think it was just the 1st harry potter! So i bought a book, "the amazing adventure of kavalier and clay" it's the book alot of my favorite graphic novel writers love. And as i think id quite like to write graphic novels and storys for animation im sure it can't hurt! Anyway 68% whooop whooo :) thanks sarah no way i would of challenged myself so much with out you! AND thank you Kant! Some things he said were abit silly but on the whole he wasn't a bad chap.

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