Monday, 17 November 2008


I must say I don't care for Bradford too much. But the Animation festival was great! I feel iv come away from it learning alot! 
I was really happy to find some advertising companies make there own films nothing to do with adverts! To try and push animation and also as a kinda of portfolio to other companies. This excites me as i would like to try new ways of animating, experiment with ideas. But i don't want to be earning no money so working for one of these companies would be perfect.
I particularly loved the animation "Skhizein" it was amazing!!!!!! The story was so qurky! A man who is 91cm from himself. It's a great way to talk about mental issues. How it was made was just beautiful! I mean it blew me away! The seamless combination of cgi, photoraphy and film! ( If you havnt't seen it, u must  watch it!

useful links: (the lady that did peter and the wolf) (very worth watching)