Friday, 12 December 2008

kicking myself!

I've just got my accessed walk cycle results back and i am kicking myself hard, in the head. I got 65% which is good but i know i could of done so much better! i put alot alot of hard work in to my 2d animation and practically none what so ever in to the 3d. I wanted to get better at 2d so i spent ages doing it and perfecting and made a piece of work im really proud of. But then went and bodged up my mark for it because id lost the energy to do the 3d! So in future i am going to not have the attitude of it dosen't matter it's only 1st year! I going to aim to get top marks through out! 
over and out.

P.s. everyone go watch some Daria on youtube :) (u remember that mtv cartoon series from the late 90's)

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