Thursday, 11 June 2009

I highly suggest watching this video! im not sure if u cud quite class it as animation its more like film and a zoetrope had a baby.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

my first proper bit of 2d animation :)

thats he 1st layer at least

live long and prosper


Isn't this a fine music video, taking the almost forgotten hobby of karaoke and homaging it!
I personally adore karaoke, but not the way we do it in england, oh no! Standing on a stage in a second rate pub singing to a bunch of over the hill drunks, no thanks! But in japan it's completely different. You get all your mates together, you go down the karaoke club, you then pay a little get given a booth and free booze!!!! that's the way it should be done!!!!! I feel this may be what inspired metronomy to make this video as they were in Kyoto at exactly the same time as me playing a gig! i was sooo gutted when i found out the next day! 
Anywho this video is fun! it was obviously fun to make and that comes across! And i think sometimes if u can tell a team had fun on a project your going to like it more. I know thats one thing i was try to achive on my ident project. I think the media centre should invest in some handy cams! maybe just two! for making the makings of! and for doing quick motion test!

live long and prosper


This is one of my favorite animations think it maybe slightly because of the awsome bass line!
Oh and also that its stunning!!!!! This quite blatently was the inspireation for my ident. I came across it whilst browsing the web in Japan. On Youtube the "things to watch" changes depending on where it's picking your url up from. One reason this animation really inspires me is because it's animation out of the studio! I animation that is not only fun to watch but really fun to make! 

here is a little "making of" if your interested.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A simple style for a simple story: Black and White

A simple style for a simple story. What a lovely idea! How do side walking crabs change direction. What a very french way of thinking! Essentially this short is about "Existentialism". I'm not going to lie i have only just sat and learnt about it. But it's very interesting. The more i read about it! The more i can seem to apply it to french storys in particular. Ok I shall try and explain Existentialism as i understand it... "Existentialism took the human subject, not merely the thinking subject, but the acting, feeling, living human individual and his or her conditions of existence, as a starting point for philosophical thought." (yup off wiki) Sooo Existentialism deals with our feels and how they are effected by the conditions of our existence.
"man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterwards." This is a qoute from the famous existential philosopher Sartre, talking about existance proceeding essence... ok too much my brain needs a rest i shall carry on this slightly more intrested blog post at some point this week.......... (but i can talk about aesthetics my brain loves that stuff!)
This short adds to a newish wave of black and white graphic story telling! Such as Persepolis (film and graphic novel), Fears of the dark (film),
Maus (graphic novel) and Epileptic (graphic novel) just to name a few. But why has there been this post modern revival of black and white? (i'll leave u guessing awhile my brain really needs a rest if ur really intrested come talk to me about it)

live long and prosper x

This is beautiful! Showing a dream world by animating a bed what a lovely idea. It must have taken so long to shoot the poor model. They really shouldn't of tried to lip sink the singer either it doesn't quite work. It'd be fun to have a crack at something like this.

this is a lovly little animation!

I don'y know if i find this cute and charming or a little creepy? But i do like how it was made. Getting a little kid to draw components then putting them in to something like aftereffects and giving them loads of depth field. fun stuff 

live long and prosper

hair turn arrounds! for winnie

winnie hair turn aroundI wish i had done this ages ago! i may of perswaded my group to do it if i had. i wanted to do her hair like this but they all said it would take to long to draw out every time and they were rite it wud take too long to draw out every time! but what if we made say 6 different hair pieces as object in flash. Ahhh then it wudn't take so long and it would look rather impressive! oh well i shall keep this idea for later it may come in handy :)