Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Haiti: work I sadly failed to finish.

does anyone (and by anyone i mean roy) know how to make this jpeg image bigger on blogger without it blurring?

This is a project i spent a day and a bit doing. It was going to be an animated Haiti flag for a fundraiser in london. I planned to make all the flags fold out the hill and the bayonets fold out the tree and the cannons shoot etc. but i got as far as putting the image all together in photoshop on separate layers but i hit a brick wall as soon as i exported it to after affects. Firstly I had grouped a lot of the layers then labelled the group rather than labelling each individual layer, rookie mistake. I tried to make this work by print off the image than labbeling all the elements by the odd names they had been given by photoshop (see above). Secondly i just don't really know after affects that well. When it hit 10:30 pm i felt i had to give up as i was just getting stressed out and it was my birthday the next day.

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