Sunday, 7 June 2009


Isn't this a fine music video, taking the almost forgotten hobby of karaoke and homaging it!
I personally adore karaoke, but not the way we do it in england, oh no! Standing on a stage in a second rate pub singing to a bunch of over the hill drunks, no thanks! But in japan it's completely different. You get all your mates together, you go down the karaoke club, you then pay a little get given a booth and free booze!!!! that's the way it should be done!!!!! I feel this may be what inspired metronomy to make this video as they were in Kyoto at exactly the same time as me playing a gig! i was sooo gutted when i found out the next day! 
Anywho this video is fun! it was obviously fun to make and that comes across! And i think sometimes if u can tell a team had fun on a project your going to like it more. I know thats one thing i was try to achive on my ident project. I think the media centre should invest in some handy cams! maybe just two! for making the makings of! and for doing quick motion test!

live long and prosper

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