Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Say Hello To Winnie!

Meet the wonderful Winnie. As soon as i heard her voice i knew she was the one.....the one we would just have to animate! I had this image in my head of her being a chubby friendly faced old lady. So when we started doing character designed i wanted to capture this friendly old bubbly (i.e. chubby) lady the sort i would enjoy a rant on the bus with.

This was my first design. Which i like but it wasn't quite there. i feel it captures her warm heart (cheese!) but seems hard to animate as she seems very flat!

Who ate all the pies!!!! Yes iv made Winnie much bigger. Purely as an experiment. I like it but i think she looks abit like a juggeranaut! But it's helping me think how she can work to me animated. Im realy happy with her hair but i think i'll do a whole post just on the hair!

Here i tried drawing her from the side. Not sure how successful it is?

Im not sure bout the size of her body but im happy with her face and the style of inking! The way something is inked is important, very important it can completely change the style! I really would quite like this to be inked in the very mordern thick line! That alot of english and brazilian illastrators have been opting for over the past few years.

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